Evaporite-Distribution Typing from Resistivity Images and Openhole Logs in a Middle Eastern Reservoir

Hruška, Marina (Chevron Energy Technology Company) | Bachtel, Steven (Chevron Energy Technology Company) | Archuleta, Bonny (Chevron Energy Technology Company) | Skalinski, Mark (Chevron Energy Technology Company)


Here the nodule background consists of points at which evaporite flag is zero. These properties (except for the vertical proportion of evaporite) were averaged vertically over those depth samples in the image segment where the corresponding property being averaged is not zero. Use of this selected average rather than the segment average is needed for identification of the facies with common evaporite nodules, because nodules may be scattered and not present at every sampled depth. Individual nodules were identified at a given depth of the FMI by finding the breaks in a series of bright points in the image generated from the evaporite flag. Here, the gap between pads is not considered a break, to allow a possibility of nodules larger than the sensor pad.