Using P- and SV-Wave VSP Data for Estimating Local Seismic Anisotropy Parameters, δ And ƞ, In VTI Media With Lateral Heterogeneity in the Overburden

Tamimi, Naser (Colorado School of Mines) | Davis, Thomas L. (Colorado School of Mines)



Anisotropy parameters provide vital information for surface and borehole seismic data processing, imaging and interpretation. The objective of this research is to introduce a reliable technique, for estimating local seismic anisotropy using both P- and SV-wave from VSP data in VTI media where the overburden is heterogeneous.

The technique uses P- and SV-wave vertical slowness components and polarization angles in VTI media to estimate Thomsen parameter δ and anellipticity parameter ƞ. The proposed method is applied to a synthetic VSP data with anisotropic properties. The estimated δ and ƞ parameters, using both P- and SV-wave data, show better correlation with anisotropy parameters in the model compared to the technique that only uses P- wave data.