Feasibility of Using the Managed Pressure Drilling MPD Application During Laser Assist Drilling Method

Bazargan, Mohsen (Royal Holloway University of London) | Chahmankhah, Shahram (Royal Holloway University of London)


The capability level of rotary as well as first generation drilling operation could not be matched for deeply drilling programs. To reach that deep, the increasing in drill string length could also cause an additional constraint on hydraulic performance. The experiments and studies (Bazargan, Jalalifar, Koohian & Habibpour, 2013, {1}) had shown Laser Assist Drilling (LAD) as benefit technical operation. Lasers start works on industry with very low power but produced large wavelengths and it was not safe for industrial use the old methods of Drilling were the Rotary operation and drilling industry was developing. Developing started almost a century earlier, the method of using them was to reach gas and oil reservoir in our formations. As a matter of fact (Clark & Perofeta, 2004; Xu, Reed, Parker, Gahan, Graves, Batarah & Figueroa, 2002 {4},{5}), laser drilling method was never considering feasible for the oil industry thought. The technique about how we can drill with laser will have to cross - major obstacles before it can be accepted as the first method that we can fundamentally change to rotary drilling methods.