Integrated Deployment of Digital Oil Field in Multiple Kuwait Areas in One Platform and Benefits Realized

Al-Rakyan, Sara (Kuwait Oil Company) | Marie, Omar Abu (Kuwait Oil Company) | Ledesma, Fernando (Weatherford) | Heshmat, Kareem (Weatherford) | Mohamed, Assem (Weatherford) | Zahourdin, Mohamed (Weatherford)



Instrumentation of artificially lifted wells located North, South-East and West of Kuwait was an essential requirement for real time surveillance of well behavior, and for successful implementation of a digital oil field. The manuscript focuses on challenges and solutions accompanied with setup of a SCADA intelligent software suite and replication configurations applied to remotely monitor and control assets for production optimization purposes.

Meetings have been held with Information Technology, SCADA and Well-Surveillance teams to agree on the technical requirements (server's specifications, network diagrams, well connectivity, data road map, data backup, security measures, disaster backup plan, etc…) The availability of having remote terminal unit built-in in the variable speed drive allowed instant access of real time data with ability to remotely control and modify running parameters for artificially lifted wells. Infrastructure has been built based on the company's standard IT security policies, by segregating network levels from field to domain network.

Well surveillance and field development teams from different areas targeted specific wells to be connected to the smart surveillance solution. Lining up different teams at the same time was a challenge to test, configure and confirm the successful connectivity. Integrating data from different areas/servers in one secure location was our main challenge to overcome. Replication of data was the only solution to assure a security channel that communicates between the different fields in to a single secured location with very limited ports to open and supervise. Wells were fully instrumented and equipped with the required gauges, sensors, and emergency shutdown devices, to evaluate well performance instantly.

Web based setup was the best solution for replicating real time data to the corporate level while keeping it secured and separated from the field network and available for all users accessible through end user system portal. Software acting as a real time data surveillance and historian with the remote access capability created a new level of effective surveillance. Management by exception became available at the corporate level to run failure statistics and identify areas for improvements by utilizing the current setup to optimize production and extend life time of equipment.

Achieving this level of surveillance helped in closely monitoring of well behavior, securely transferring and storing data, identifying operational needs of each field, and was considered as an extra level of surveillance. Successful deployment of the digital oil field in all areas of Kuwait integrated in one secured platform helped in utilizing all equipment available, increasing engineers' effectiveness to improve productivity, increase wells production, meet QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) standards and reduce human risk.