Model Study On Through Casing Time Domain Electromagnetic (TEM) Probing

Wang, Junming (Yangtze University) | Hu, Wenbao (Yangtze University) | Xu, Zhenping (Yangtze University) | Yan, Liangjun (Yangtze University) | Strack, Kurt (KMS Technologies) | Yu, Gang (KMS Technologies)



Analytical and numerical solutions of time domain electromagnetic responses of earth model with axis symmetry have been derived and model responses have been calculated with a pulse source stimulating inside metal casing. Anomalous pattern of TEM responses varying with casing parameters (thickness, conductivity and magnetic permeability) and sensitivity to resistivity changes of formation outside of casing were analyzed. Model results have shown that through casing TEM sounding is feasible and has advantages of multi-components, multi-parameters, deep and untouched probing.