Archie Parameter Determination By Analysis Of Saturation Data

Chen, X, Kuang, L.C., Sun, Z.C.


Parameters in Archie's equation are usually determined in labs through experiments on the electric properties of rocks. We discuss a new method using saturation analysis data to determine the parameters. Correlations among saturation, resistivity, and porosity derived from the two Archie equations convert calculation for values of electric parameters to a problem of calculation for the coefficients of an equation with several unknowns. Based on calculation and study on actual saturation analysis data in several oilfields in the Junggar basin, the calculated parameters are all within the theoretical range. which can be used to obtain a water saturation value using logging data. We discuss the factors that influence Archie's parameters, especially the influence of petrophysical properties and wettability. This can be proved using saturation analysis data for a wide range of Archie's parameters. Archie's parameters determined through electric property experiments can't prove this. More importantly, to determine Archie's parameters using saturation analysis data makes it unnecessary to calculate the resistivity of the formation water, Saturation should be measured in well preserved core since large errors can exist between the measured values and the original values due to degasification and volatilization. This will influence the effectiveness of the saturation data. Therefore, the key to the problem is to correct the measured saturation values.

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