Shale-gas geophysics in Sichuan Basin, China: Recent progress and road ahead

Qu, Shouli (SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute) | Zhu, Hailong (SINOPEC Geophysical Research Institute)


Sichuan Basin is one of the richest shale gas basins in China. Exploration and development experiences in recent years proved that geophysical technology could serve as an important tool for shale gas production. The key technologies include: seismic imaging under complex surface and subsurface conditions, rock physics, fracture prediction, sweet spot identification, pressure estimation, horizontal well design, and fracturing monitoring. This paper demonstrates the applicability and effectiveness of these technologies in Jiaoshiba area.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 17, 2016

Start Time: 1:25:00 PM

Location: 146

Presentation Type: ORAL