Regional Geological Understanding of Offshore Cyprus and Lebanon from Interpretation of Dual-sensor Streamer Data

Skiple, Cecilie (Petroleum Geo-Services Bayerngas) | Sortemos, Thore (Petroleum Geo-Services Bayerngas) | Lie, Øystein (Petroleum Geo-Services Bayerngas) | Lowrey, Caroline J. (Petroleum Geo-Services Bayerngas) | Semb, Per Helge (Petroleum Geo-Services Bayerngas)


Abstract Dual-sensor cable seismic data has been acquired over the Eastern Mediterranean area. The data has improved the seismic quality, and this has enhanced the understanding of the subsurface of the region. In this paper, we take this dual-sensor data, merged with conventional seismic data to review the offshore areas of Cyprus and Lebanon in the Eastern Mediterranean. The regional geology of the area has been summarized, and the horizons and intervals most significant for hydrocarbon exploration have been described. A brief introduction to the dual-sensor technology and its benefits are described, but the main focus of the paper is to show how the regional geological understanding has been increased based on the new seismic data. Selected regional profiles over the Levantine and Herodotus Basins with their associated areas including the Eratosthenes Continental Block, the Cyprus Arc and deformation front and the Levant Margin illustrate the principal tectonic features and regional key horizons. In addition, specific seismic lines are presented to illustrate particular depositional features, as a possibly large clastic system in the north-eastern part of the Levantine Basin. Isopach maps are used to describe the thickness variations across the area. Parts of the region may contain all the ingredients for a working petroleum system with the key ingredients of potential source, seal, reservoir and trap in place. In addition it is possible that the size, geological complexity and lack of well-data, mean that the existence of ‘yet to be discovered’ play-types in the area cannot be entirely discounted?

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