Successful Delivery of a Breakthrough Implementation of Novel Well Testing Operation Philosophy: Open Sea Extended Well Testing Operation with Temporary Tanker for Crude Evacuation and Storage for Field S Appraisal Project in Malaysia

Hamid, S. Abd (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd) | Abdullah, S. (Vantage Energy Group) | Chan, W. (PETRONAS Carigali) | Mokhtar, Z. (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd)


Abstract Reservoir connectivity and productivity uncertainty can be reduced through the application of an extended well testing (EWT). In the open sea condition, this approach project incurs huge monetary commitment and to reduce this, recovery from produced hydrocarbon is necessary. Conventional open sea well testing is unable to recover the hydrocarbon as no storage facility is made ready. This paper presents the success story of a first application of open sea EWT operation in Malaysia in which it has proved the novel concept of an open sea EWT with the inclusion of Temporary Storage Tanker (TST) to complement the crude storage need, ability to recover and markets the production volume significantly improved the economic value. In addition, this novel method eliminates the practice of hazardous crude flaring activity, damaging emission from flaring was eliminated as well as significantly reduce the HSSE risk exposure.

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