Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Girth Welded Joints of Dissimilar Metals in Clad Pipes

Kogo, Bridget (Brunel University) | Wang, Bin (Brunel University) | Wrobel, Luiz C. (Brunel University) | Chizari, Mahmoud (Sharif University of Technology)


In joining technology, welding is one of the vital techniques used to make continuous pipelines in industry. The thermal and mechanical loading in the process has a profound impact on the integrity of the pipeline over its service life. An accurate and thorough assessment is needed on the associated residual stress and its effect on the structural properties of the pipeline. One of the novelties of this research is the understanding of the welded joints' temperature responses, as demonstrated by positioning high-temperature thermocouples at strategic points on the welded joints to capture the transient temperature response at different points. It is not enough to assume that the distribution of heat through the weld metal will depend on the distance from the thermocouples to the heat source only; the temperature profile must actually be studied to uncover any peculiar trends.