Revival of an Offshore Gas Field: Case Study of a Fractured Basement Reservoir, PY-1

Kumar, Arun (HOEC) | Srinivasan, V (HOEC) | Kavle, R (HOEC) | Sharma, R (HOEC) | Gariya, B. C. (HOEC) | Panda, D (HOEC)


PY-1 is one of the few fields in India producing hydrocarbons from Fractured Basement Reservoir. The field was developed with nine slot unmanned platform with gas exported through a 56 km 4" multiphase pipeline to landfall point at Pillaperumalnallur. Field was put on production in November 2009 with three extended reach wells. The production performance of the field had some surprise and declined earlier than expected. As a result, based on the conclusions drawn from an integrated subsurface study, a two wells reentry campaign to side track wells Mercury and Earth was planned to be executed in Q1 2018. The objectives of this paper are twofold: 1. Review the production performance of a granitic basement gas field and share learnings which may be useful for similar fields being developed elsewhere.