Pushing the Limits in Offshore Mexico

Vizcarra Marin, Hector Hugo (Weatherford) | Ngan, Alex (Weatherford) | Pineda, Roberto (Pemex) | Gomez, Juan Carlos (Pemex) | Becerra, Jose Antonio (Weatherford)


Abstract Given the increased demands on the production of hydrocarbons and cost-effectiveness for the Operator's development wells, the industry is challenged to continually explore new technology and methodology to improve drilling performance and operational efficiency. In this paper, two recent case histories showcase the technology, drilling engineering, and real-time optimization that resulted in record drilling times. The wells are located on shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico, with numerous drilling challenges, which typically resulted in significant Non-Productive Time (NPT). Through close collaboration with the Operator, early planning with a clear understanding of offset wells challenges, well plan that minimize drilling in the Upper Cretaceous "Brecha" Formation were formulated. The well plan was also designed to reduce the risk of stuck pipe while meeting the requirements to penetrate the geological targets laterally to increase the area of contact in the reservoir section. This project encapsulates the successful application of the latest Push-the-Bit Rotary Steerable System (RSS) with borehole enlargement technology through a proven drilling engineering process to optimize the drilling bottomhole assembly, bit selection, drilling parameters, and real-time monitoring & optimization The records drilling times in the two case histories can be replicated and further improved. A list of lessons learned and recommendations for the future wells are discussed. These include the well trajectory planning, directional drilling BHA optimization, directional control plan, drilling parameters to optimize hole cleaning, and downhole shocks & vibrations management during drilling and underreaming operation to increase the drilling performance ultimately. Also, it includes a proposed drilling blueprint to continually push the limit of incremental drilling performance through the use of RSS with hydraulics drilling reamers through the Jurassic-age formations in shallow waters, Gulf of Mexico.

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