Modelling Complex Fluid Production Behaviour in a Gas Condensate Field: A Case Study

Ali, Hamza (Schlumberger) | Shah, Abdur Rahman (Schlumberger) | Akram, Agha Hassan (Schlumberger) | Khan, Waqar Ali (Schlumberger) | Siddiqui, Fareed Iqbal (Pakistan Petroleum Limited) | Waheed, Abdul (Pakistan Petroleum Limited) | Ahmed, Faizan (Pakistan Petroleum Limited)


A recent study addressed the modelling challenges of Alpha* gas condensate field. Alpha gas condensate field has a gas in-place of about 1 TCF, and both condensate and black oil production in addition. The field has been producing from two reservoirs SI and DI, for the past 26 years. Alpha field is subdivided into two segments called the Central Area and the Northern Area which are separated by a fault as shown in Figure 2. * Not its real name. One of the most unusual features of Alpha field are the'phase switch wells'.