Workshop: Data Model Standards For Pipeline Simulation

Bachman, Susie (Intergen) | Chmilar, Bill (TransCanada Pipeline Ltd) | Ellul, Ivor (Knowledge Reservoir Inc.) | Goodman, Mike (El Paso Corporation) | Goodreau, Mary (Stoner Associates Inc.) | Nicholas, Ed (Nicholas Simulation Services) | Pietsch, Ulli (Enbridge Pipelines)


Workshop Outline

• Vision • Deliverables - Data structure - Data interchange format • Prototype definition • Prototype demonstration • Near term priorities • Discussion


To develop a recommended data structure and an associated data exchange format to enable consistent input and output interface with pipeline simulation models

Data Structure

• Vendor data and format review complete • Common areas • Differences • Result: - Draft data structure of 1999

Data Interchange Format

• What is XML? • What is XSLT? • XML and Databases Prototype Definition • Description • Models used - ESI - Stoner - Gregg

Prototype Results

• Results - Using XML for Input Configuration Files - Using XML for Output Data • Comments

Near Term Priorities

• Solicit and formalize user requirements of data models • Solicit vendor input • Continue development of data transfer protocol • Conceptualize output data model