Large Modifiable Underwater Mothership: A Case Study for Ocean Bottom Nodes Deployment and Recovery

Ritz, Sebastian (Technical University of Berlin) | Golz, Matthias (Technical University of Berlin) | Boeck, Florin (Technical University of Berlin) | Holbach, Gerd (Technical University of Berlin) | Rentzow, Erik (University of Rostock) | Kurowski, Martin (University of Rostock) | Jeinsch, Torsten (University of Rostock) | Wehner, Willem Hendrik (thyssenkrupp Marine Systems) | Richter, Nicolas (thyssenkrupp Marine Systems) | Voß, Thomas (thyssenkrupp Marine Systems)


The joint research project "MUM - Large Modifiable Underwater Mothership" targets the development of a highly modular, unmanned underwater vehicle, which allows a mission dependent module assembly to fulfill a wide spectrum of underwater tasks. The paper presents a case study for the deployment and recovery of ocean bottom nodes (OBN) for seismic surveys. Therefore, a specific vehicle configuration and its functionality is introduced. The advantages of MUM are presented in terms of its cost efficiency and non-monetary benefits, as crew safety, carbon footprint and others. In addition, business aspects for potential customers are discussed.