Multiple Attenuation For Variable-depth Streamer Data: From Deep to Shallow Water

Sablon, Ronan (CGGVeritas) | Russier, Damien (CGGVeritas) | Zurita, Oscar (CGGVeritas) | Hardouin, Danny (CGGVeritas) | Gratacos, Bruno (CGGVeritas) | Soubaras, Robert (CGGVeritas) | Lin, Dechun (CGGVeritas)


Variable-depth streamer acquisition is becoming a key technique for providing wide bandwidth seismic data. Varying the receiver depth creates wide receiver ghost diversity and produces a spectacular increase in the frequency bandwidth. However, compared to conventional data, this variable-depth streamer data implies a major challenge in processing: how to deal with various receiver ghosts. The ghosts have to be preserved up to the deghosting step. Here we present the implication for the following de-multiple methods: Shallow-Water De-multiple, Tau-P deconvolution and Surface-related multiples elimination in deep and shallow water environments.