Switching Control for 3-D Waypoint Tracking of a Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle

Wang, Rui (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing) | Wang, Yu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing) | Wang, Shuo (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing) | Tang, Chong (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing) | Tan, Min (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)


This paper addresses the problem of three-dimensional (3-D) waypoint tracking for a biomimetic underwater vehicle (BUV) propelled by undulatory fins: RobCutt-II. Based on the specific mechanical design and control system configuration, the RobCutt-II can perform diversified locomotion patterns, especially submerging or surfacing vertically in the water. For practical underwater operating procedures, a selective switching control for 3-D waypoint tracking is proposed. This control scheme contains a depth controller, a waypoint tracking controller, and a selector. When tracking a series of given 3-D waypoints, the RobCutt-II can switch between two closed-loop locomotion patterns, i.e., the depth control pattern and the waypoint tracking pattern. Simulations and a comparative experimental study demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed switching control scheme.