Prestack PP & PS Wave Joint Stochastic Inversion In the Same PP Time Scale

Deng, Zhiwen (BGP Inc.) | Sen, Mrinal K. (University of Texas at Austin) | Wang, Uxin (Geophysical Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield) | Bai, Xuming (BGP Inc.) | Xue, Yang (University of Texas at Austin)


Joint inversion of PP and PS reflection data has been hindered by the difficult task of registration or correlation of PP and PS events. It can perhaps be achieved by registering the events during inversion but the resulting algorithm is generally computationally intensive. In this paper, we propose a stochastic inversion of PP and PS data which have been registered to the same PP time scale using a new interval velocity analysis technique. The prestack PP and PS wave joint stochastic inversion is achieved by using the PP and PS wave angle gathers using a very fast simulated annealing (VFSA) algorithm. The objective function attempts to match both PP and PS data; the starting models are drawn from fractional Gaussian distribution constructed from interpolated well logs. The proposed method has been applied to synthetic and real data; the inverted results from synthetic data inversion compare very well with model data, and inverted results for real data inversion are consistent with seismic data and log data. These also show that the proposed method has a higher accuracy for estimating rock physics parameters while it circumvents the horizon registration problem in the data interpretation. We also estimate uncertainty in our estimated results from multiple VFSA derived models.