Improving Field Development Through Successful Installation of Intelligent Completion on Water Injector Well

Yanez, Eglier (ADNOC Offshore) | Uijttenhout, Mattheus (ADNOC Offshore) | Zidan, Maher (ADNOC Offshore) | Salimov, Rail (ADNOC Offshore) | Al-Jaberi, Salem (ADNOC Offshore) | Al-Shamsi, Al Anoud (ADNOC Offshore) | Al-Sereidi, Amnah (ADNOC Offshore) | Amer, Mohamed Mostafa (ADNOC Offshore) | Al-Hammadi, Yousef (ADNOC Offshore) | Abdul-Halim, Abdullah (ADNOC Offshore) | Caletti, Giovani (ADNOC Offshore) | Adli, Mustapha (ADNOC Upstream) | Al-Hammadi, Yousif Hasan (ADNOC Upstream) | Al-Hosani, Fahad Mustafa (ADNOC Upstream)



Including "smartness" in your field does not necessarily add additional expenditures. ADNOC Offshore piloted a new well completion design combining Interval Control Valves (ICVs) in the shallow reservoir and Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) in the deeper reservoir, both deployed in a water injector well for the first time in the company. The objectives were to improve reservoir management, reduce well construction complexity and achieve one of the main business targets of cost optimization. This paper covers the subsurface study, detailed well construction design, completion deployment, well intervention and overall well performance in commingled injection mode.

A multi-disciplinary study was conducted based on updated reservoir data available after the first two years of production in a heterogeneous multi reservoir field. This study showed the possibility of replacing the upper horizontal drain by a deviated perforated section. The authors identified the need of completion compartmentalization to overcome challenges such as high reservoir heterogeneity and uneven pressure depletion enforced by non selective acid stimulation. As part of the evaluation, a simulation was performed to evaluate the expected injection performance across the four zones with different combinations of ICVs and ICDs in order to cater for different injection scenarios.

As a result of the integrated analysis, a new well completion design was deployed to optimize a Dual Horizontal Water Injector into a Single Smart Completion with 3 Inflow Control Valves (ICVs) covering the upper perforated zones and 14 Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) with sliding sleeves across lower lateral reservoir. Cost savings and reduction of rig time was achieved with this new completion design demonstrating very pro-active participation from all involved teams, ADNOC Offshore and Service Companies.

The requirements to complete high and low permeability zones in one single well can be successfully accomplished. Firstly, mitigation of early water breakthrough is achieved by incorporating surface water injection control in high permeable zones and secondly, the injection target for the low permeable reservoir is also delivered.

Building on the successful results and captured lesson learnt, this new well completion design provided the capabilities to optimize the water injection plan while reducing costs. Therefore, the project has passed the trial phase and the team proposed its implementation.