Decision-Making for Fast Start of Offshore Fields Development

Shandrygin, Alexander N. (Gazprombank Neftegaz Services B.V.) | Dyakonov, Igor I. (Gazprombank Neftegaz Services B.V.) | Dubrovsky, Dmytry A. (Gazprombank Neftegaz Services B.V.)


Development of offshore fields at an early stage is connected with significant uncertainties and risks because of poor knowledge of reservoirs characteristics and the low reliability of hydrocarbon reserves. In this paper we present the methodology to assess the possibility to start offshore fields development in condition of limited geological information. The methodology is implemented as a workflow, the result of which is the conclusion about: types of production units, number of wells and their placement boundaries, required minimum reserves density to begin field development, as well as types of exploration work on fields. The application of the methodology and workflow are demonstrated on the examples of assessment of the potential of development of some Russian arctic offshore fields.