Elastic least-squares Gaussian-beam migration

Yue, Yubo (BGP, CNPC) | Zhang, Shaohua (BGP, CNPC) | Shi, Yunyan (BGP, CNPC) | Lei, Na (BGP, CNPC) | Yu, Yonglai (BGP, CNPC)


SUMMARY Compare d with c onventiona l ima ging methods, Le ast-squares migration (LSM) can produce images with improve d resolution and reduced migration artifacts. However, LSM has been ma inly restricted to the imaging of acoustic wavefie lds. In this abstract, we use Gaussian beams as wave propa gator to formulate a least-squares migration scheme for elastic waves of isotropic me dia. With this method, not only can we obtain better illuminated multi-wave images with higher resolution, but a lso we can achieve a good ba lance between computationa l cost and imaging accuracy, whic h are both important requirements for iterative LSM methods. A synthetic Marmousi 2 dataset is used to demonstrate the validity and effective ness of our proposed method.