First Retrievable Application of Lower Completion Stimulation Technology

Almaawali, Sultan (PDO) | Kumar, Kamlesh (PDO) | Awang, Zaini (PDO) | Duvenhage, Viljoen (Fishbones)



New operational application using a field-tested stimulation technology that was previously only available as a permanent installation as part of the lower completion was recently successfully applied as a retrievable option. This alternative installation method reduces rig time, overall project cost and returns the wellbore to Open Hole should it be required for post stimulation logging or future interventions. The lower completion stimulation technology consists of standard liner pipe that is made up offline to short Subs and the sub-assemblies are then preloaded with four tubes up to 40 feet in length, each tube with a jetting nozzle on the end. The liner string with casing packer was run into the open-hole well section with Subs positioned across the formation where stimulation was required. 15% HCl acid was then pumped at the designed rate that resulted in the penetration of the tubes into formation. Post stimulation the complete liner assembly was then retrieved by releasing packer with straight pull and shearing tubes that has entered the formation (the penetrated needles remain inside the formation). Many operational challenges were overcome by the PDO’s drilling team in order to complete this first of its kind installation utilizing multiple running string combinations and a small work over rig (Max 125 kdan) in order to keep the overall project cost down.