Correlation of Surface Microseismic Event Distribution to Water Production And Faults Mapped On 3D Seismic Data: a West Texas Case Study

Keller, William R. (Chesapeake Energy) | Hulsey, B.J. (Microseismic, Inc.) | Duncan, Peter (Microseismic, Inc.)



The use of microseismic techniques to map hydraulic fracture treatments has increased dramatically in recent years. During this time, microseismic monitoring has grown from a technical curiosity into an established method for determining the spatial distribution and therefore effectiveness of well completions in tight reservoirs. While both surface and downhole microseismic monitoring techniques are widely used throughout the industry, surface microseismic methods have typically been met with more skepticism. We present a case study from West Texas in which surface microseismic results from two adjacent wells are validated by both 3D seismic and production data.