Application of a 3-D Precised Integration Method For Seismic Modeling Based On GPU

Duan, Yuting (Peking University) | Hu, Tianyue (Peking University) | Li, Jingyu (Peking University)


Seismic modeling is an effective method for studying the propagation of seismic waves within complex structures. Based on finite difference method, the arbitrary difference precise integration (ADPI) for seismic forward modeling was developed for 3-D seismic modeling in this paper. When it comes to cases of 3-D modeling, compared with CPU single-core or multi-core processors, graphic processing unit (GPU) parallel calculation shows its outstanding ability of fast calculation to make a seismic forward modeling closer to real seismic records at very low cost of personal computer. Cases study of 3D seismic forward modeling confirm the correction and efficiency about the methodology of ADPI techniques and its GPU algorithms.