A marine field trial for iterative deblending of simultaneous sources

Zu, Shaohuan (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Zhou, Hui (China University of Petroleum–Beijing) | Chen, Yangkang (University of Texas–Austin) | Chen, Haolin (Dagang Department, BGP Inc., CNPC) | Cao, Mingqiang (Dagang Department, BGP Inc., CNPC) | Xie, Chunlin (E&D Research Institute, Daqing Oilfield Company)


Simultaneous sources acquisition (continuous recording, significant overlap in time) has many advantages over the traditional seismic acquisition (discontinuous recording, zero overlap in time). When focusing on data quality, blended acquisition (simultaneous sources acquisition) allows significantly denser spatial sources sampling and much wider range of azimuths. This can improve the quality of subsurface illumination. When focusing on economic aspect, the blended acquisition can greatly shorten the survey time. However, many challenges such as the continuous recording equipment, the availability of boats units and the implementation of speed cable vessels are emerging when using simultaneous sources acquisition. Dagang Geophysical Prospecting Branch of BGP, CNPC has made two field trials to explore the advantages of simultaneous sources and obtained some experience. The goal of this paper is to give an overview of the latest field trial and display the very successful deblending results, which may give an inspiration to the depressing oil price.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Start Time: 11:10:00 AM

Location: 163/165

Presentation Type: ORAL