Metal-Polymer Coiled Tubing

Grogulenko, Vladimir Viktor (LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company)


Abstract Metal-polymer coiled tubing (MCT) are flexible pipes based on a copolymer reinforced with steel tape, wires and ropes. During the research was proposed and justified eleven constructions of MCT with twenty options of overall dimensions. Next, mathematical modeling of the actual stress conditions of MCT in standard operations during the overhaul of wells was carried out, as well as calculations of the strength of the MCT. The result was the identification of most promising options for the implementation of MCT, as well as the proposed area of their implementation. In addition, have been introduced coefficients for rational selection of most effective MCT structure for a specific well operation from both a technical and economic point of view. The scientific and technical novelty of metal-polymer coiled tubing is confirmed by Patent for an invention, as well as the results of a thorough analysis of patenting of coiled tubing devices. Application of MCT fully meets the challenges of the modern fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation in the direction of creating modern and safe technologies for offshore fields (including Arctic fields), as well as within the framework of the import substitution policy implemented in our country. Production of proposed metal-polymer coiled tubing can be organized in a full cycle at domestic enterprises, as well as all components of MCT are also produced in our country. This statement was confirmed when creating prototypes of pipes in a volume of 3000 meters. If ongoing laboratory tests of metal-polymer coiled tubing will be finished with positive results, then will be carried out pilot implementation of the proposed pipes in one of the domestic oilfield services companies. The timing of implementation this idea will be minimal, since significant costs are not required for the re-equipment of factory facilities for the manufacture of the proposed MCT. At the same time, final cost of manufacturing MCT on average, according to research results, is on 50 – 100 percent lower than the cost of a GT-70 steel coiled tubing manufactured by Global Tubing USA of similar dimensions. It is worth noting that the MCT, as well as the steel coiled tubing pipe, fully meets all environmental safety requirements, and that is why its use on offshore projects (where environmental friendliness is one of the main requirements for implemented technologies) is considered the most probable. As for increasing labor productivity, initially coiled tubing is an advanced industry with a high technological level. Application of metal-polymer coiled tubing as an alternative to steel coiled tubing in certain well operations will increase the number of hoisting operations for one pipe, which will increase its service life, and will also help to optimize financial costs of relocating equipment.

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