Volumetric Estimates of Seismic Reflector Rotation And Convergence Providing Value Addition In Stratigraphic Analysis.

Chopra, Satinder (Arcis Corporation) | Marfurt, Kurt J. (The University of Oklahoma)


Geometric attributes such as coherence and curvature are useful for delineating a subset of seismic stratigraphic features such as shale dewatering polygons, injectites, collapse features, mass transport complexes and overbank deposits, but have limited value in imaging classic seismic stratigraphy features such as onlap, progradation and erosional truncation. In this study we review the success of current geometric attribute usage and discuss the applications of newer volumetric attributes such as reflector convergence and reflector rotation about the normal to the reflector dip. While the former attribute is useful in the interpretation of angular unconformities, the latter attribute determines the rotation of fault blocks across discontinuities such as wrench faults. Such attributes can facilitate and quantify the use of seismic stratigraphic workflows to large 3D seismic volumes.