Validation Of Coriolis And V-Cone Meters Using Multi Phase Flow Meters (MPFM) in ADCO's North East BAB (NEB) Field - A Case History

Al Hammadi, Ibrahim Thani (Abu Dhabi Co. Onshore Oil Opn.) | Aly, Samir Handak (Abu Dhabi Co. Onshore Oil Opn.) | Khan, Muhammad Navaid (Schlumberger) | Gurses, Hakan (Schlumberger Middle East SA) | Baslaib, Abdullah


Oil and Gas industry began to take attentiveness in developing Multi Phase Flow Meters (MPFM) in the early 1980s as the remote data access and improved performance with more compact mobile testing systems were the key features of the required technology. MPFMs were initially used in offshore industry; however, presently their applications are prolonged to land and even subsea installations.

For over ten years, Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) has been using MPFM in several oil fields and concession areas. Being relatively the furthermost recent developed field, clustering options, and full application of i-field concept including collaborative environment (CWE); North East Bab (NEB) Asset is crowned for being the frontrunner in adopting the up-to-date technologies among other ADCO Assets.

NEB full field development was custom-built in 2005. Fifteen (15) number of conventional three phase test separators were put together for reservoir surveillance and production testing requirement and were lately refurbished and upgraded with Coriolis and V-cone meters rather than originally installed turbine meters. During this period, two portable MFPMs were contracted out in order to achieve the annual testing KPI and prospect was taken to validate the Coriolis and V-cone meters of the refurbished test separators using MPFMs'. This project facilitated instituting better communication protocols along with comprehensive collaborative workflow between NEB Asset and the service provider that resulted in successful completion of the revamping project. This as well had tremendously encouraged ADCO (NEB Asset) to permanently include MPFM flow metering applications in the upcoming future developments.

This paper aspires to share the valuable experience gained by utilizing the MPFM in NEB Asset for different flow metering applications, and to establish the technology adoption guidelines for other field operators.