Gas Condensate Field Infrastructure Reengineering on the Declining Production Stage to Increase Profitability of Exploitation

Mukhametova, N. (Oil and petrochemical refining institute) | Kolchin, A. (Ufa State Petroleum Technology University) | Elizarieva, N. (Ufa State Petroleum Technology University) | Akhtyamov, A. (Ufa State Petroleum Technology University) | Ovechnikov, A. (NPO "InTech") | Kurochkin, A. (NPO "InTech")


The objective of the work is to develop technical measures for the reconstruction of a major gas condensate field processing facilities - central processing plant of Valanginian horizon raw gas of the Vostochno-Urengoyskoe gas condensate field (design pressure - 6.0 MPa), and the assessment of the impact of these measures on the economic efficiency of the plant. Developed technical measures require minimal investment and include application of fractionation technology by means of available energy flows at an intermediate separation stage as well as at gas condensate stabilization, optimization of piping arrangement scheme, recycling of unstable condensate weathering gas. The implementation of these measures allows: to improve the separation degree of light and heavy gas components (improves the quality and yield of commercial gas and increases the yield of stable gas condensate), to ensure the recovery of the cold reduced condensate (reduces the temperature at the stage of the low-temperature separation), to reduce the pressure loss during preliminary raw gas treatment (which increases feasible pressure drop at the low-temperature separation stage) and decrease the amount of gas flared (increases yield of commercial gas).