Derivation to Calculate Pipe Collapse Performance using a Combined Loading Equivalent Grade Accounting for Axial Stress, Internal Pressure, Bending and Torsion

Besse, Jean-Guillaume (Vallourec)


Abstract This paper proposes a new analytical derivation to incorporate bending and torsion into collapse calculation, further pushing the already existing approach of combined loading equivalent grade proposed in API TR 5C3 (2019) Clause 8.4.6 Eq. (42) for axial stress and internal pressure (identical to ISO TR 10400 Clause 8.4.7) used to calculate a differential collapse pressure. This new derivation is also based on Hencky-von Mises maximum distortion criterion. The interest of developing such combined loading equivalent grade is to enable the use of the four collapse types described in Clause 8 i.e., Yield Strength, Plastic, Transition and Elastic. The formulae are adapted to a closed-form equation similar to current Eq. (42), enabling pipe collapse performance calculation. Newly derived formulae are checked against a size governed by yield strength collapse to verify consistency. The restrictions regarding collapse performance under compression are discussed.

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