Interpretation of converted wave-seismic sections to determine time differences in P-P and P-S waves using shear-sonic logs

Portas, A. (Department of Geophysics) | Alejandro, L. (School of Geology, Geophysics, and Mines) | Andres, G. (Central University of Venezuela) | Espeso, B. (Department of Geophysics)


Summary A workflow to generate seismic well ties in PS converted wave seismic sections using sonic logs was created by estimating Vp/Vs relationships and the time difference between the arrival time of the P-P and the PS waves to several key events. The results were PS converted wave synthetic seismograms tied to well-defined seismic reflectors at different depths. These positive results made possible the creation of a step by step workflow to tie wells to converted wave seismic and generate synthetic seismograms. Introduction The seismic method of reflection P-P wave has been the most important exploration method in the oil and gas industry. Nevertheless, this method does not clarify all the uncertainties that can be encountered during subsurface exploration and development.