1D inversion of frequency-domain marine controlled-source electromagnetic data using a parallelized real-coded genetic algorithm

Ayani, Mohit (University of Wyoming) | Mallick, Subhashis (University of Wyoming) | MacGregor, Lucy (Rock Solid Images)


We carry out the inversion of marine controlled-source electromagnetic data using real coded genetic algorithm to estimate the isotropic resistivity. Unlike linearized inversion methods, genetic algorithms belonging to class of stochastic methods are not limited by the requirement of the good starting models. The objective function to be optimized contains data misfit and model roughness. The regularization weight is used as a temperature like annealing parameter. This inversion is cast into a Bayesian framework where the prior distribution of the model parameters is combined with the physics of the forward problem to estimate the aposteriori probability density function in the model space. The probability distribution derived with this approach can be used to quantify the uncertainty in the estimation of vertical resistivity profile. We apply our inversion scheme on three synthetic data sets generated from horizontally stratified earth models. For all cases, our inversion estimated the resistivity to a reasonable accuracy. The results obtained from this inversion can serve as starting models for linearized/higher dimensional inversion.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 15, 2018

Start Time: 1:50:00 PM

Location: Poster Station 13

Presentation Type: Poster