Application of True-Azimuth 3D SRME to an Onshore Mexican Data Set

Barnes, Simon (PGS) | van Borselen, Roald (PGS) | Salazar, Humberto (Pemex Exploration and Production) | Vàzquez, Alfredo (Pemex Exploration and Production) | Ronzón, Israel (Pemex Exploration and Production) | Martinez, Ruben (PGS)


A processing strategy for the 3D prediction and subsequent elimination of long period surface-related multiples (SRME) contaminating a 3D sparse non-orthogonal land seismic data is presented. A comparison is made between 1D and 3D multiple prediction using the Surface-related Multiple Elimination (SRME) method, showing that significant improvements can be obtained by taking into account the full 3D complexity of the subsurface. Multidimensional Fourier regularization has been proven to be a critical component of the pre-conditioning of the data applied prior to the multiple prediction and subtraction.