Utilizing seismic attributes to delineate a tectonically controlled submarine channel system: Temblor Formation, San Joaquin Basin, California

Severson, Chad (Aera Energy LLC) | Myers, Gary (Aera Energy LLC)


An interpreted late Oligocene/early Miocene submarine channel system is imaged using 3D seismic data. The seismic stratigraphic features are subtle and thus impossible to map for long distances using traditional inline/crossline interpretation. In order to understand the extent of the features, key horizons are mapped using traditional methods, and data extracted from the seismic volumes using horizon slices in order to view the data in plan view. This illuminates the vast network of channels and fanlike features of the system. Due to the varying tuning thicknesses of the features, spectral decomposition and image blending is utilized to create an enhanced composite image of the system features (Figure 1). From this, we observe that local structural controls have a large influence on the deposition of the system and the directional flow of the channels and fan-like features.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Start Time: 8:30:00 AM

Location: 211A (Anaheim Convention Center)

Presentation Type: Oral