Optimal 15-Point Finite Difference Forward Modeling in Frequency-Space Domain

Liu, Lu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) | Liu, Hong (Chinese Academy of Sciences) | Liu, Hongwei (Chinese Academy of Sciences) | Liu, Jianhua (Chinese Academy of Sciences)



In this paper, aiming at suppressing dispersion effectively with a smaller impedance matrix bandwidth in frequency-space domain, we propose an optimal 15-point difference scheme using weighted averaging operator, averaging the mass acceleration term and coefficient optimization. Meanwhile, we respectively apply compressed storage method and perfectly matched layer (PML) boundary condition to store the huge impedance matrix and eliminate the reflection from the boundary. Finally, through the comparison with 9-point scheme (Jo et al, 1996), 25-point scheme (Shin et al, 1998) and time-domain method, it is proved that this difference scheme can effectively suppress dispersion in frequency domain without adding too much calculation amount.