Remote Diagnostics for Analyzing Advanced Ice-Breaking Propulsion Control 

Barisic, Matko (ABB Norway) | Lee, Bo-Won (ABB Norway) | Parrondo Martinez, Yago (ABB Norway) | Wendt, Frank (ABB Norway)


As the former has now performed several operational high-Arctic transits, after its ice trial, and the latter is undergoing ice trials, the remote diagnostic system aboard each of them has been collecting, and continues to collect a wide swathe of everyday operations data of the electrical power and propulsion systems. Other than the primary intended usage of the diagnostic system, about which the authors have reported previously [1], the system may be used, as in this paper, to assess and review the assumptions, and assess the quality of various implemented power and propulsion control algorithms. Additionally, from being able to review the response of the typical power and propulsion setup aboard this class of ships and for these classes of routes (ice-breaking in the high Arctic), the authors are able to propose further improvements in the electrical system design and power and energy flow. When validated against real operational data collected in this manner during the operational transit, supplementing the records collected the authors' organization service staff during the ice trials, the