The Relationship Between the Deep Faults And the Geothermal Structures Identified On the Moesian Platform Territory

Panea, Ionelia (University of Bucharest) | Negut, Aurelian (University of Bucharest) | Mocanu, Victor (University of Bucharest)


The analysis of the geothermal structures requires the use of various types of information, such as geologic, geophysical (temperature measurements, time/depth seismic sections, velocity models) and hydro-geological data. Two- and three-dimensional distributions of temperatures and a two-dimensional distribution of geothermal gradient were obtained based on the temperature values recorded in boreholes until the depth of 4000 m. By comparing the geothermal gradient and temperature maps with the geological sections, we notice the presence of near vertical deep faults in the areas characterized by high values of geothermal gradient and temperature; in addition, some of these faults cross intrusive bodies. The paths for the fluid movement are represented by the deep faults.