Rapid autonomous marine 4D (RAM4D) — Developing unmanned 4D seismic surveys

Chalenski, D.A. (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.) | Lopez, J. (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.) | Hatchell, P. (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.) | Grandi, S. (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.) | Broker, K. (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.) | Hornman, K. (formerly with Shell Global Solutions International B.V.) | Anderson, B. (ASV Global Inc.) | Marzolf, T. (ASV Global Inc.) | Chance, S. (ASV Global Inc.) | Jurisich, J. (ASV Global Inc.) | Hibben, T. (WGP Group Ltd.) | Shute, R. (WGP Group Ltd.)


We present recent work on developing an autonomous, unmanned marine seismic concept for 4D reservoir surveillance called Rapid Autonomous Marine 4D (RAM4D). It aims to reduce the total cost and footprint of the source side of seismic acquisitions by combining standard geophysical equipment with an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV), resulting in a lower anticipated day rate and reduced exposure to humans and the environment in deepwater operations. We present the ongoing development of RAM4D and results of a lake field trial completed in October 2017 in Lafayette, LA (USA) during which we acquired autonomous, unmanned 4D baseline and monitor surveys. We discuss technological improvements under development to adapt the current generation of autonomous vessels to the demands of 4D seismic. We also introduce a model for the cost of DAS VSP surveys enabled by RAM4D, which shows that dual RAM4D vessel operations are more robust to downtime. We conclude that market forces will be required to achieve an aspired survey cost that would disrupt the traditional seismic vessel market enough to enable wide adoption.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 15, 2018

Start Time: 1:50:00 PM

Location: 204C (Anaheim Convention Center)

Presentation Type: Oral