Inertial Measurement System Method for Predicting Global Ice Load on Korean IBRV ARAON

Lee, Sang Chul (Korea Maritime and Ocean University ) | Park, Sunho (Korea Maritime and Ocean University ) | Choi, Kyungsik (Korea Maritime and Ocean University ) | Jeong, Seong-Yeob (Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering ) | Seo, Young Kyo (Korea Maritime and Ocean University )



This study predicted global ice loads on a hull of an icebreaker with inertial measurement system method which treated the ship as a rigid body and measured whole ship motions. The calculation of the global ice load was based on the data measured by full-scale ice sea trials of Korean ice breaking research vessel 'ARAON' during her arctic ocean voyage in 20l5.  To  calculate  the  maximum  global  ice  load,  two  methods,  i.e.  the point of impact (POI) approach and the center of gravity (COG) approach, were used, respectively, and the results were compared with the empirical ice load estimation formula under normal operating conditions.