Quaternion dealising for simultaneous source separation

Andersson, Fredrik (Lund University and Seismic Apparition GmbH) | Van Manen, Dirk-Jan (ETH and Seismic Apparition GmbH) | Wittsten, Jens (Lund University) | Eggenberger, Kurt (Seismic Apparition GmbH) | Robertsson, Johan O. A. (ETH and Seismic Apparition GmbH)


Signal apparition offers a fundamentally new perspective on simultaneous source separation. Whereas the method exactly separates the signal from interfering sources in diamond-shaped regions of the frequency-wavenumber domain, signals from simultaneous sources still overlap outside these regions. We present a method based on using quaternion representations of the blended data that reconstruct the separated data throughout the full data bandwidth by iteratively using reconstructions for lower frequencies to recover the higher frequency content.

Presentation Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Start Time: 9:20 AM

Location: Exhibit Hall C, E-P Station 2

Presentation Type: EPOSTER