Application of the Combined Real-Time Petrophysical and Geosteering Model to Increase Drilling Efficiency (Russian)

Koryabkin, Vitaliy (Science and Technology Center of Gazprom Neft) | Stishenko, Sergei (Geosteering Technologies Ltd.) | Kolba, Pavel (Science and Technology Center of Gazprom Neft) | Tatur, Olga (Geosteering Technologies Ltd.)


The PDF file of this paper is in Russian.

The complexity of the geological conditions in the places where the wells are currently drilled, as well as a set of tasks to be solved by teams of drilling experts and the challenges to radically increase the efficiency of operations under low oil prices – all these challenges require a comprehensive engineering approach to real-time support of well drilling.

Regarding development of complex high-risk projects with a high degree of uncertainty, an emphasis should be made on creating and using a unified integration platform for various disciplines involved in the drilling process and real-time interaction.

A single unified petrophysical & geosteering simulation environment will make it possible not only to solve the issue of increasing the efficiency and safety of well drilling, but also boost further improvement of the automatic on-line interpretation of log data for drilling horizontal wells.

The article provides basic steps to designing and building a combined model, real use cases, evaluations of implementation efficiency and possible ways of development the methods proposed.