North, J. (Worldrill International, England) | Farouq-Ali, S. M. (University of Alberta, Canada)


A New High-Penetration Rate Hybrid Drilling System A NEW HIGH-PENETRATION RATE HYBRID DRILLING SYSTEM FOR DEVELOPING DEEP RESERVOIRS AND GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS J. North.; S. K. Knibb, Worldrill International, England; S.M. Farouq-Ali, University of Alberta, Canada Abstract. A new hybrid drilling system, using ultra-high pressure drilling fluid jets and/or a variable thermal spullation gas jet. Ultra-fast drilling rates of 20-50 m/hr have been achieved in hard rock. The new system has exciting applications in the development of deep oil reservoirs, and tapping geothermal heat for injection into heavy oil formation. Hydratherm hybrid drilling economical thermal treatment of heavy oil system, reservoirs. The latter is achieved by the creation Nearly twenty years of research and of deep fractures and cavities in hot dry rock field testing has resulted in the development of (HDR) to produce super-critical (>380°C) Hydratherm's hybrid drilling system, which steam at critical pressure (3,206 psi) for uses untra-high pressure drilling fluid jets injection into the shallower oil-bearing and/or a variable spallation gas jet. The gas jet formations above. subjects the host rock to pulsed heat fluxes at Employing similar techniques, the temperatures ranging from 200°C to 1,100°C, drilling system may also be used for the producing thermal expansion and strength economical production of geothermal steam as reduction of the rock-forming minerals. The a source of energy. UHP jets then quench, cut and erode the rock Other applications include momentarily after heating. The combined subterranean incineration or storage of mechansms enable ultra-fast rock penetration hazardous wastes, subterranean storage of (20-50 m/hr in hard rock) by means of volatile liquids or water, large-scale tunnelling, spallation, erosion, fracturing, chipping and microtunnelling, conventional mining and cutting. quarrying. Applications The system is seen as having an almost unlimited potential in all of these fields, and will produce basic changes in current The system can be employed for practices. drilling oil, gas or geothermal wells. It may Oil and mineral production costs will also be adapted for mining, boring tunnelling be very substantially reduced, but the social or the cutting of chambers, and will operate at and environmental impact is likely to be far great depth. Together with other Hydratherm wider. This paper focuses on conventional and technology, it has exciting applications in the heavy oil production applications of this field of heavy oil recovery. These include technology.. faster and cheaper well drilling and the 349