Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada: Structural And Tectonic Framework, Petroleum Systems And Exploration Potential

Enachescu, Michael (Memorial University of Newfoundland) | Kearsey, Stephen (Memorial University of Newfoundland) | Hogg, John (EnCana Corporation) | Einarsson, Paul (Geophysical Service Incorporated) | Nader, Sam (Geophysical Service Incorporated) | Smee, Jerry (ExAlta Energy)


Interpretation of Orphan Basin new and old seismic data in conjunctions with marine potential field data and information from a dozen wells has allowed the identification of two sedimentary areas with distinct basin fill and structural evolution: 1) the West Orphan and 2) the East Orphan basins, respectively. The East Orphan Basin had a long geodynamic evolution starting with rifting in late Triassic and continued with successive phase of extension and minor transtention. Based on geophysical interpretation, well ties and regional tectonics, the West Orphan Basin is gas prone while the East Orphan Basin has a petroleum system similar to basins on the Grand Banks and West Ireland. The East Orphan Basin is the latest Canadian Frontier exploration area to be licensed for exploration and to hold great expectations for new giant field discoveries.