Hybrid Riser Towers - Not Just for Deepwater

Lim, Frank (2H Offshore) | Natarajan, Shreenaath (2H Offshore)


Most people know the Hybrid Riser Tower solution, combining the use of steel pipes in a freestanding bundle and multiple flexible jumpers for connection to a floating host vessel, from the 3 towers installed in 2001 offshore Angola in 1,350m water depth to the Girassol FPSO. Little known is the fact that the first bundled riser tower, in a slightly different arrangement preceding Girassol, was actually installed by Placid in Green Canyon (1988), and the same riser tower was later redeployed by Ensearch in Garden Banks (1994, now decommissioned), both in the Gulf of Mexico in less than 650m water depth to a semi-submersible production platform.