Framework for Risk Analysis Based on FMEA, CNEA, FTA and BBN

Calil, Luís Fernando Peres. (Federal University of Santa Catarina) | Kagueiama, Heitor Azuma (Federal University of Santa Catarina) | Dias, Acires (Federal University of Santa Catarina)


ABSTRACT This paper presents a framework for risk analysis based on the techniques FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis), CNEA (causal network event analysis), FTA (fault tree analysis) and BBN (bayesian belief network). The structure CNEA/FMEA intends to overcome the representation in table form. Associating these techniques with FTA allows detailing with causes of a specific event qualitatively and quantitatively. The BBN allows the analysis of probabilities of CNEAs/FMEAs. The model may be improved by applying statistical treatment through the use of bayesian networks. Finally an application is presented on the analysis of a hydraulic system of a ship rudder.

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