A wavelet phase-extraction method based on bispectrum estimation and phase-only filter optimization

Tan, Yongcheng (China University of Petroleum) | Dai, Yongshou (China University of Petroleum) | Zhang, Peng (China University of Petroleum) | Zhang, Hongqian (China University of Petroleum)


The extraction of seismic wavelet phase plays an important role in deconvolution and high resolution processing technique. In order to obtain the accurate phase of mixed-phase wavelet, this paper proposed a phase extraction method which combines bispectrum estimation algorithm with parameters optimization of phase only filter. First, the bispectrum of seismic records is used for phase estimation. Then, parameters of the phase only filter can be restricted based on bispectrum estimation results. Finally, the precise phase of wavelet is obtained by particle swarm optimization which can seek accurate parameters of the phase only filter. The simulation and comparison results show that the proposed method has effectiveness and is more efficient than conventional phase only filter method because parameters are limited by bispectrum estimation.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Start Time: 4:20 PM

Location: 360D

Presentation Type: ORAL

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