A Strategic and Flexible Approach to Through Tubing Electrical Submersible Pump Cable Deployed TTESP-CD Replication for Technology Robustness

Radzuan, Nurul Asyikin M. (PETRONAS) | Salleh, Nurfarah Izwana (PETRONAS) | Chandrakant, Ashvin Avalani (PETRONAS) | Rusman, Liyana (PETRONAS) | Zamanuri, Kautsar (PETRONAS) | Bakar, Azfar Israa Abu (PETRONAS) | Yip, Pui Mun (PETRONAS) | Jamaluddin, M. Helmi (PETRONAS) | Ghonim, Elsayed Ouda (PETRONAS) | Nambiar, Vijay (Novomet) | Alexander, Euan (Artificial Lift Solutions)


Following the first pilot success of the truly rigless 3-1/2" tubing cable deployed ESP (TTESP-CD in offshore field of Sarawak Basin, PETRONAS has taken steps to further advance in the technology development and application through more replications within Sarawak and Malay Basin. PETRONAS had been looking into a strong business case for the TTESP-CD technology for a wider application throughout Malaysia region by looking at fields with strong/moderate water drive and low bubble point pressure besides having other limitations on the platform including the facilities reliability issues. TTESP-CD are to be applied widely in Malaysia with more flexibilities in design and improvement towards the subsurface equipment, installation equipment and procedures. With the challenges in the existing completion and production requirement for replications, based on the lesson learnt from the pilot implementation, multiple improvements to the system have been done including; 1) A High Rate Slim Pump with Flexible Application 2) Alignment Tool for Cable Hanger Orientation. With this in place, more opportunities identified for the candidate selection which improve the installation philosophy specifically in dual string applications and enhance the efficiency in installation procedures. Case studies of TTESP-CD replications in Malay & Sarawak Basin for Field T, Field B and Field P presenting the best case for TTESP-CD application with improvement to design, equipment and application. These will bring additional value to PETRONAS with estimated production gain of 1.5 KBD and up to 1.2 MMSTB reserves to be monetized with additional value saving of up to RM 6 Mill. Besides the subsurface challenges, aging offshore assets brings a lot of challenges, especially on the space availability, structural integrity, power availability and distribution, instrumentation and data transmission. This requires an integrated approach from multiple disciplines in delivering the studies as per required within the targeted timeframe.