Unconventional Optimized Development Strategy Workflow

Morsy, Samiha (Chevron) | Menconi, Mauro (Chevron) | Liang, Baosheng (Chevron)


Abstract A comprehensive workflow was developed to support short and long-term unconventional Midland and Delaware Basin development strategy. The workflow is applied to every new pad to ensure child wells are targeting more of the virgin rock. The developed workflow considers pressure and stress changes around parent wells, landing strategy, completion optimization, frac order design, etc. A 3-D reservoir model was developed to estimate the depletion and the induced stress changes around the parent wells. Hydraulic fracture modeling is coupled with the flow simulation model to assess child wells fracture propagation under different scenarios. Different landing strategies were investigated to reduce depletion effects on Child wells. Child wells fracture and proppant fluid intensity was optimized to provide the optimum fracture interference. Certain technologies were successfully utilized to change the pressure and stress around the existing wells to properly alter child well fracture propagation towards virgin rock. Frac order was adjusted accordingly to benefit from the induced changes in reservoir pressure and stress around parent wells. The workflow was applied to areas in the Wolfcamp formation within the Midland and Delaware Basins. Results show the effectiveness of the developed workflow to maintain Basin development performance.

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