Multidimensional De-Aliased Cadzow Reconstruction of Seismic Records

Naghizadeh, Mostafa (University of Alberta) | Sacchi, M.D. (University of Alberta)



We introduce a strategy for beyond-alias interpolation of seismic volumes that uses the Cadzow method. A Hankel matrix is obtained from the spatial samples of low frequency data in the (f-x) domain. To perform interpolation at a given frequency, the spatial samples are interlaced with zero samples and another Hankel matrix is built from the zero-interlaced data. Next, the rank-reduced eigenstate of the Hankel matrix at low frequencies is used for beyond-alias conditioning of the Hankel matrix at a given frequency. Finally, anti-diagonal averaging of the rank-reduced Hankel matrix gives the final interpolated data. Also, the multidimensional extension of the proposed algorithm is explained. Synthetic and real data examples are provided to examine the performance of the proposed interpolation method.