Current Design and Applications of Marine Evaporators

Rose, Charles D. (United States Riley Corporation)


It was 27 years ago that flash evaporators were introduced for marine service and rapidly obsoleted other designs. The current design and applications for navy ships, merchant ships, and offshore drilling rigs are reviewed. Design and flow data are presented for various applications on such ships as the new mine-sweepers and Coast Guard cutters, Trident submarines, submarine tenders, drilling rigs, and aboard commercial ships, including tankers and cargo ships. A number of specific conditions are presented—associated with the ship's power plant and mission—that directly affect the optimum design evaporator plant and its heat source. The desirable and most practical extend of automation is reviewed, and advantages of standardization and higher-economy designs are presented. A review is made of the current state of the art of reverse osmosis desalination and its current and potential application for marine use. Descriptive photographs and flow diagrams of specific installations are included.

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